Azruhda Moonstrike Edit

Name(s) Edit

Azruhda 01

Azruhda Moonstrike

  • Azruhda Moonstrike (the suffix "Moonstrike" was given to him whilst he spent time with the Dwarves of Ironforge.)
  • The Keeper of Natural Balance

Appearance Edit

Azruhda is rather tall for one of his kind; the Kal'dorei. He towers above his allies in combat, channeling the beautiful destruction of nature into his forthcoming enemies. Where he lacks in physical brawn, he makes up for in spiritual intellect.

Race and Class Edit

Night Elf Druid of Balance

Organisation Edit

Azruhda pledges allegiance to no specific organisation.

Family Edit

  • Father, a Druid, locked in conflict within the Emerald Nightmare.
  • Mother, a Sentinel, slain in the Battle of Mount Hyjal.
  • Lover, also a Sentinel, also slain in the Battle of Mount Hyjal.

Historical Background Edit

Azruhda 02

Azruhda Moonstrike in the form of a Moonkin

Azruhda was born in the tranquil Kal'dorei settlement of Nighthaven, amongst the Moonglade of Mount Hyjal, many years before the War of the Ancients; before The Great Sundering. He was influenced by the arts of Druidism by his father upon birth, and thus gained a strong tie to the Green Dragonflight.

At a young age, he left the safety of the Moonglade in search of ways to improve his gifts with nature. He traveled to the Northlands of Kalimdor, where he met the dragons of old. The Green Dragonflight greeted him as they would any other druid. Ysera spoke words of blessing to aid him in his studies, and he slept. He slept for many, many years. He slept through the War of the Ancients, through the tragedies that befell the world. He slept through The Sundering, for his conscience was intertwined within the Emerald Dream.

Upon his awakening, he was welcomed by a young Green Dragon. The dragon flew Azruhda to the heights of Teldrassil, where he met many of his childhood acquaintances. It was here he discovered the actions of the Legion. Fueled by revenge and bloodlust, he sought to avenge the deaths of his beloved.

Affiliations Edit

  • The Alliance
  • The Green Dragonflight
  • The Cenarion Circle