The Elders is a unique, cross-faction cross-game guild with an unconventional way of running things which caters to adult players of older age groups. The main goal is to create an environment which has zero stress (no obligations, timetables, meetings, responsibilities) and quality, mature and non-elitist roleplay. This offers a relaxing and cozy haven for those with busy and stressful lives to log on and "take a vacation" instead of coming to yet another "workplace", as is often the case with raiding guilds for instance. And yet, we are not a typical casual guild by any means. The bulk of the members are in their 30's and 40's, have jobs, families, spouses and kids. Even though the guild itself does not set up official meetings, the members are more than welcome to initiate events and adventures amongst themselves as long as no-one feels pressured to take part. So far the many freedoms the guild has to offer has worked like a charm. It's amazing to see how active folks will become if you give them their freedom.

Please check the guild forums for more information.

Guild Ranks:

Since the members are all adults, there is no reason for a hiarchy to separate members from one another. Obviously there can only be one GM, and it's a good idea for newly added members to have their own rank, but other than that, all are equals as matrons and patrons.

  1. Guild Protecter ~ Sykonyx
  2. Patron (A male character who has been in the guild for 2 weeks or more)
  3. Matron (A female character who has been in the guild for 2 weeks or more)
  4. Newcomer (All characters who have been in the guild for under 2 weeks)
  5. Humbled (Someone whos account may be compromised
  6. Unkown player (Holding spot for alts with no name attached)

What is required:

  • Real life age of 25 or older. (Most of our members are in their 30's and 40's, but we have members into their late 60's as well)
  • A suitable roleplay name
  • A real facebook profile is required for applying to the guild to help verify age

What is not required:

  • Attendance. How much you are online is completely up to you. We understand that people have real lives and other interests. Be away as long as you like, you will never be kicked from the guild if you've been a good member otherwise. Come and go as you like. No stress, no guilt. Really. :-)
  • Attending meetings, events, raids, instance runs. If members within the guild choose to arrange such things, attending is never mandatory.
  • Helping your fellow guild mate out by crafting items, giving money, helping with quests etc. Yes, you read right. No help. The idea behind this is for members to offer their help on their own if they want. We all have good and bad days. Some days we want to be left alone and just do our own thing, on other days our batteries are charged to the brim and we feel like helping others. Any help given should come from the heart, not because it is expected of us.
  • Wearing a guild uniform or tabard. You are not expected to wear the tabard or uniform. These are completely voluntary.
  • Donating items or money to the guild bank. Again, if you give it should only be because you are inspired to not because you feel you have to. Bank items can be taken out (with item number restrictions for different ranks), no permission needed. Take what you need. Leave stuff if you have no use for it and feel like it.