Vólun Shaaldom
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Seer Vólun Shaaldom, Child of the water.

Physical TraitsEdit

What strikes Vólun apart from his other Draenei is how young he appears; not as tall (( All though still dwarfing most humans. )) or strong and his face doesn't appear quite as brass as most Draenei males. Giving you the impression that this shaman will be an easy foe to conquer or atleast a push over. He has brown hair shaded with hints of purple azure blue skin that darkens his complextion. He carries no scars or bruises besides a few noticeable marks after a rough fight. Due to his recent training (( Or rather re-training. )) in the arts of healing he produces a warm and soothing aura which can be fealt around him this trait is mimiced in his eyes; however he is often found with a cheeky grin or arrogant grunt across his lips.

Race and ClassEdit

Draenei shaman, ex-mage because of this he cannot control arcane, arcane-fire or arcane-frost. But has a brief understanding of how the arcane itself flows and works.




Currently Volun dabbles with herbolgy and potion's making. Offering his services to Horizon via a few strength potions and the likes.

He's also a seer which means he can, aura read; Which is basically sencing people and the true identitys of shape shifters (( Though this can easily be blocked as he isn't so good at it. )), Tell the future. (( Once again these are very subjective and he is given abrstract clues. )) and speak with the dead. (( He hasen't mastered this and considers it the last thing to do on a long-long-long list of to do's. ))


Like most Draenei. Volun lost all of his close family in the crash.


When Volun was born he was put under a constant timetable of studying, day after day, year after year. Only given free time when he took it for himself, Sneaking out to speak with the normal children, The constant studying made him a very talented Magi. This however had it's side effects making him quite fiery, arrogant and generally thinking himself better then anyone. Once they crashed apon Azuremyst he found himself in an impossible situation; No family, heavily wounded and in a completely alien world. Rather then simply dying under the pressure,strangely Volun rised to the challenge put his education into practice and blew away blood elf after blood elf with well placed Frost and fire bolts.

He learn't Darnassian from a young night elven girl, Who he rarely speaks of but is believed to be related to the powerful Druidess Elle Silverclaw. Apon venturing to the Eastern lands he learn't common from a Human pirate and a traveling High elven priest. Was assigned into Horizon once he reported to the Humans for duty and began his work as a recruit. He grew close to his new guild mates though they found his harsh mood somewhat of a challenge to ignore.

Every action has a conciquence and all the emotional abuse Volun was letting loose and how easily he let his anger and passion control him; soon back-fired and he was un-able to even conjure up a bottle of water let alone fight with the Arcane. Lost, powerless and confused Volun was left with no other choice but to find another way. Another way to make a diffrence, too channel all his rage into something useful. He was approached by a shaman one of broken origins. Reluctent at first and naturally un-trustworthy given his untameable spirit Volun was always told by his father that shamans were savages, useless and " Did the work of greenskins! ". After a month of questioning and considering he finally took the path of a shaman even if he was alittle negative towards its teachings.

Not only did he become a talented seer and child of the flame. His moods were calmer his inner fire qwelled or atleast driven into a more smirky and friendly attitude rather then that of an arrogant magi. Teaching after teaching taught him lessons he needed. Removing curroption, not just because he was told. But because it was good to do so, the right thing to do. Too allow the land to grow and watch it renew at his command. " You are more then a warrior, Child. You are a shaper of fate. " These were the words of Volun's tutor and with it the final words of Volun's old life. For on that day he was born anew a shaman, not a mage. Not just a fighter, A shaman.

This past has made Volun a charecter with complex depth. Upfront he is a prankster drenching his team mates in water and running away heckling apon his trusty bear mount on the other hand he is still passionate, wants to good no matter the cost and can get take on a very serious attitude when presented with an un-natural issue.

Family BackgroundEdit

He comes from a long line of mages in Draeneic culture they were considered the best of the best at producing childhood masters.

Criminal RecordEdit

If you were to get your hands on Vólun's report;it holds infomation of how he was exiled from the Alliance but re-introduced. His postion has been renforced with many acts of heroism.

Personal NotesEdit

He likes to drink Sandpear juice. The fruit is only found in Bloodmyste.